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Tuition Services

Tuition is available in all science and maths related subjects for both school age and adult learners. The tuition services provided are designed to be constructive and enjoyable for students, developing independent learning skills and lasting confidence in their academic ability.  The courses are popular for students with a variety of objectives including to:

  • Improve their knowledge and understanding of a subject
  • Develop effective long term study skills
  • Move up a set at school
  • To improve their academic ability in their professional life
  • Improve their revision and exam techniques
  • Achieve the best exam results they can

Where required, tuition is exam-focused and based on the curriculum as defined in the relevant syllabus (e.g. AQA, OCR, Edexcel, International GCSE etc.).  The approach to tutoring is to foster a relaxed atmosphere where the student feels that they can be open and honest about their difficulties.  Lessons are tailored to suit the individual learning preferences and pace of the student, and to make best use of their strengths.


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Tuition Services

Tuition is available in the following subjects:

  • Science
  • Maths
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Human Biology
  • Physical Eduction PE
  • Environmental Science
  • Biochemistry



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Gail covers many subjects in the curriculum

Tutor Profile

Gail Collins-Webb, science and maths tutor for all levels based in Earley, Reading, Berkshire, UKIn addition to having tutored numerous students both privately and via professional tuition agencies, Gail has enjoyed a successful professional career of over fifteen years, beginning as a research chemist before specialising in environmental sciences and becoming a senior environmental consultant.  Having been employed for a substantial period outside the school or college environment, this enables her to enhance the student's understanding of the practical applications of science and bring the subjects to life. She has been an Associate Lecturer for the Open University since 2007 and currently teaches on their Science Technology Environment and Maths Access course. In addition, she also worked as a distance learning Tutor for Oxford Open Learning (OOL) Home Schooling section for five years, supporting students remotely in science and maths.  She possesses the following qualifications:

  • Engineering Doctorate (EngD) Environmental Technology.
  • MSc. Environmental Pollution Science with Legislation and Management
  • BSc. (Hons) Applied Chemistry 2i (specialism: biochemistry)
  • Associate Member of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment

She also holds an enhanced CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) check certificate which is a legal requirement for anyone working with children. Having three children of her own, Gail understands the significance of parental concerns for ensuring that children receive the best educational advantages possible.

Her own experience of undertaking examinations means that she understands the needs of students and the pressures they face.  She believes that tutoring on a one-to-one basis or in small groups brings clear benefits to students, enabling them to concentrate on problem areas and receive individual attention.  Such an approach allows substantial improvements to be made to the student's knowledge and learning skills.

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What Makes Collins-Webb Tuition Different?

It is important that students develop self-sufficiency in their learning.  Each student's learning style will be unique to them as individuals.  The development of independent learning skills is made a priority, therefore, so that students develop their own learning style and techniques.  These techniques better equip the student to be successful as they continue into further education or are challenged with the requirements of the world of work and professional development in the future. 

These skills include:

  • Ability to identify and prioritise their own personal learning goals
  • Knowledge of how to develop effective long-term study plans
  • Ability to recognise and follow their own learning pace
  • Techniques for planning an efficient and targeted revision schedule
  • Study skills for learning complex / detailed material
  • Reading styles and when to use them
  • Effective note-taking skills, the importance of presentation and using visual aids


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What Does Tutoring Entail?

Tutoring is where a tutor gives individual, or in some cases small group, instruction. Tutoring is an age-old practice going all the way back to classical times, when emperors employed renowned philosophers and rhetoricians to privately educate their children. Traditionally private tutoring was a service provided only to society’s most elite, ensuring that only the affluent received the best education. In more recent times, tutoring has become much more accessible and many families are enjoying the benefits of some form of private tutoring.  The purpose of tutoring is to help students help themselves, or to assist or guide them to the point at which they become an independent learner, and no longer need a tutor.

The essential ingredients for effective tutoring are a combination of content knowledge, empathy, honesty, the ability to listen well, and a good dose of humour. Empathy requires a tutor to "read" the emotional states, attitudes and perceptions of their students, and to communicate this understanding to them. In order for tutors to establish a supportive relationship with their students, tutors must be open and honest. Students are more willing  to share their concerns about their academic problems if a tutor is perceived as genuine and having a strong desire to listen. Humour can also play an important part in a tutoring session in that it can reduce tension, increase rapport, relieve embarrassment and reinforce learning.

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A chemcial molecule model, useful as a teaching aid

Why Be Tutored?

Tutoring on a one-to-one basis or in small groups has been shown to provide a range of benefits.

In general:

  • Increases mastery of academic skills
  • Improves self esteem and confidence
  • Improves students attitudes toward school
  • Decreases drop out rates and truancies
  • Breaks down social barriers and creates new friendships
  • Promotes emotional support and positive role models
  • Encourages higher levels of thinking
  • Permits more advanced students to study below-level material without embarrassment
  • Enables academically and intellectually advanced students remain challenged



Students become engaged when tutored and enjoy their subjects more

Why Be Tutored?

Tutoring on a one-to-one basis or in small groups has been shown to provide a range of benefits.
For the Students:

  • One on one / more individualised instruction
  • Tutoring is tailored to specific learning styles and needs
  • Students can progress at their own pace
  • Increased positive feedback and encouragement
  • Companionship with a positive adult role model
  • Improved social skills
  • Improves self esteem
  • Offers more systematic and structured learning experience
  • Improves academic performance and personal growth
  • Improves attitude toward subject area
  • Motivates self-paced and self-directed learning
  • Provides intensive practice for students who need it

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Gail Collins-Webb Tutoring Services

Welcome to my website. On the following pages, you will find a description of me, my experience and the services I can offer. Also, there are links to useful resources, and information on my fees, as well as contact details. Please feel free to contact me regarding tutoring if you cannot find the answer to your question here.

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